About Our Agency

Edwin J. Tazelaar, II Insurance Agency is an Independent Agency that is paid upfront commissions and renewal commissions from the various insurance companies that our Agency brings insurance business to. Our Agency does NOT charge our clients any Agency/Broker fees, nor do we charge any consultation fees. Some of our insurance quotes are based on information that you provide us, either via the Internet, e-mail or via phone. ALL health insurance premiums are based on the individual(s) sex, age, health history, tobacco user or not, as well as the applicant's residential zip code. Bottom line is that ALL agents and brokers who quote the same identical insurance plan with the same company, will arrive at the same quote that we provide. The big difference is in the customer service that our Agency provides to our clients, versus the service provided by other agencies.

Our Commitment

From day one we have led the Health and Life industry by basing our business on the commitment to our clients and prospects by:

Promptly responding
Listening to their specific needs
Focusing on personalization
Having the best Customer Service

Our Mission

Our Missions is simple, it is to provide our clients with factual information so that they can make logical buying decisions rather then buying decisions based on emotions. Our Agency helps our clients find the health insurance plan that fits both their health insurance needs as well as their budget.